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The new technology by SP Jain – Engaged Learning Online (ELO in short) – uses a blend of some of today’s most cutting-edge emerging technologies to bring the dynamism and engagement of the SP Jain classroom online and in real time. Our students could be in any part of the world – at home, work, a café or even an airport. By simply logging in to ELO, they get all the benefits of an on-campus education. They can interact with world-class faculty, share ideas with their peers, collaborate on assignments, break out into teams to discuss and debate…all in real time and without any loss of engagement.

Featured Online Program


Designed exclusively for professionals on the go, the SP Jain Online Executive MBA is a 100% online program that offers all the benefits of an on-campus MBA. The program will bring together seasoned professionals from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, giving you exclusive access to diverse business perspectives and the opportunity to strengthen your professional network.

Admissions are now open to our Class of January 2019.




You will be cold called. You will be challenged to make quick, smart decisions. You will participate in polls, quizzes and other tailor-made learning material. You will debate and develop arguments. You will break out in teams to discuss, brainstorm and reflect. You will step into the role of a business leader…one thing is for sure, you won’t find yourself in the middle of a boring lecture. Featuring a wide range of technology-driven learning tools, SP Jain’s ELO will engage you with a different activity every couple of minutes.


With SP Jain’s ELO, you get all the benefits of on-campus education without having to leave your current city. Study from the comfort of your home, work, a café or any other location – SP Jain’s ELO is a one-of-a-kind educational format that combines interactive, engaging online learning tools and activities to bring the on-campus experience to wherever you are, adapting seamlessly to students and their busy lifestyles.


In today’s workplace, business is conducted in teams. And, part of the strength of SP Jain’s ELO is the opportunity that you have to connect with a global network of corporate executives, managers and entrepreneurs from around the world, and embrace the diversity of thoughts, ideas, experiences and decision-making they bring to the classroom.


Of all the knowledge, skills and experience that you bring to your company, the most valuable one is the ability to make winning decisions. Through case studies, discussions, debates, polls, quizzes, simulations, personalised coaching and mentorship sessions…you will explore new approaches to decision-making and leadership, relate theory to practice, discover the formula common to all good decisions and add immediate value to your career.

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